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Betties and Belles can help! We’ll provide dazzling choreography for events, musicals or even a dance team in the Indianapolis area. At Betties and Belles, we have assisted in Indianapolis choreography for every life event imaginable, from proposals to weddings and even bar/bat mitzvahs…the list goes on! Betties and Belles has added flair to musical dance performances, and has even performed as back up dancers. In addition, our director, Tessa Caccavallo, has built choreography for countless routines for dance teams competitions,  professional dance troupes, cheerleading squads and has even provided choreography for music videos and TV spots. Whether you’re an Indianapolis coach, director, producer or individual who need engaging material for your event or shoot in Indianapolis, Betties and Belles is the answer for choreography!

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We provide Indianapolis Choreography for the following:

Conferences and meetings
Dance teams
Flash Mobs
Promotional spots
Wedding performances (bride and groom, wedding party and surprise performances)
Birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs
Corporate events
Music Videos
Themed parties
Festivals and concerts
Sporting events
Musicians and performing artists

Styles and Themes for Your Indianapolis Choreography

Betties and Belles tailors our choreography to fit the needs of your Indianapolis team or event. We work closely with you to ensure every aspect of our choreography meets your performance needs. Below are some of the themes we can incorporate into our choreography to make your event entertainment extra special!


The Roaring ‘20s is a popular theme for many Indianapolis birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, corporate gatherings and weddings. What better way to get your crowd on their feet and add pizzazz and excitement to your party by incorporating 1920s dancer choreography? Our performers, decked out in traditional 1920s flare (think flapper dresses and vintage hats or feathered headpieces) will perform all the popular dance styles from the decade, including favorites like the Charleston, Lindy Hop, fox trot and Breakaway. If you want a fun way to get your Indianapolis guests in on the action, our dancers can even take a few minutes to teach everyone at your party some fun, easy dance steps to use on the dance floor! Our Indianapolis dancers can perform choreographed routines throughout the night or use traditional dance steps to freestyle along with your band or DJ.

1950s & 1960s

Another popular era for dance (and a fun theme for parties like a Sock Hop), we can provide dancers to entertain your guests using traditional choreography dance moves from the decade to get everyone twisting on the dance floor! Dancers wear fun, nostalgic attire and can act as sock hop girls of the 1950s or vintage pin up girls (family-friendly attire and dance performances only) or Go-go dancers of the 1960s! Choreographed performances or freestyle (Go-go) dancing are all options for your entertainment, using popular dance styles like the Twist, Wahtusi, Mashed Potato, Jitterbug or Swing!


An increasingly popular dance style originating in India, Bollywood has made its way into mainstream American pop culture through reality television shows like So You Think You Can Dance and viral videos of flash mobs with Bollywood-themed routines. Fun, energetic and intricate dance moves make up this unique style of dance and is a crowd pleaser for party goers both young and old! Betties and Belles has experience providing Bollywood inspired choreography at Indianapolis weddings or during flash mobs for a surprise marriage proposal! Dancers can wear traditional Bollywood attire (may incur an extra fee for costumes) or blend in with the crowd as passersby or wait staff if using this dance as a surprise for a wedding reception or other celebration.

Hip Hop & Jazz

If you want to hire dancers to add energy, fun and excitement to your event while using the hottest popular music, Betties and Belles can provide entertainers and awesome choreography to thrill your crowd and encourage them to get down on the dance floor! Dancers can perform choreographed routines to the music of your choice (or we can choose the music for you) or act as freestyle dancers to add a fun element along with your music entertainment whether you’ve hired a DJ or band. If you would like a specific style of hip hop or jazz dance (i.e. break dancers) or would like our dancers to come to your event and teach guests the latest dance craze, please contact us for more information!

Samba/Latin Dance

Betties and Belles has provided choreography for many Latin dance routines for Indianapolis fundraisers, flash mobs, marriage proposals, and weddings. We work with you to provide the perfect music and incorporate popular dance steps for an upbeat, crowd pleasing performance. We can provide samba dancers for your Carnivale theme, salsa dancers for your reception, Zumba instructors to give your group a workout and much, much more! If you would like dancers in specific Latin attire, costuming fees may apply.


If you are hosting a sporting event in Indianapolis and would like dancers to perform like the pros on the dance teams you see at NFL and NBA games, Betties and Belles has an amazing group of current and former professional cheerleaders to add excitement to your event! Our crowd pleasing Indianapolis choreography set to the hottest music is sure to have your guests on their feet and ready for the big game. We are also available to provide hosting and promotional modeling services for your party or tradeshow.

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If you are interested having Betties and Belles build specialized choreography for your next event in Indianapolis or have questions about rates and services, please contact us via email at info@bettiesandbelles.com or by phone at (270) 454-9463.

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