Corporate Flash Mobs

Imagine the rollout of your newest product that you’d like to create a buzz around. People are at a mall, open air market, or an area with major traffic, when all of a sudden… Music begins to play, then your product is featured via a large scale surprise corporate flash mob, just like some of the most famous corporate flash mobs. If you’re ready to take up your marketing game a notch with a flash mob for your team building or a flash mob for your corporate event, call us at 270-454-9463 or email us at

Hire a Flash Mob for Your Corporate Event

When you hire a corporate flash mob for your next corporate meeting, convention or flash mob at a company event, you are taking a step to make a lasting impression! We have the best choreographed corporate flash mob dance routines that will surely make your mob one of the best corporate flash mobs in the area. Some of the most famous corporate flash mobs that made an impression include:

  • Grand Central Station Flash MobSprint Flash Mob Chicago
  • Black Eye’s Peas Oprah Flash Mob
  • T-Mobile Flash Mob

Our talented flash mob dancers combined with our professional flash mob design and production skill means your corporate event is in the best hands. By far.

Need to Make an Impression Book a Flash Mob

When you book a surprise flash mob for your next product rollout, next corporate announcement or team building exercise, book a flash mob. create a flash mob celebration as a new way to engage your customer or prospective customer base. Frankly, people have positive feelings when watching flash mobs and those warm feelings are almost naturally transferred to the brand responsible for creating the corporate flash mob experience.

When You Hire a Corporate Flash Mob You’re Making an Impact

Companies are starting to capitalize on the commercial appeal of flash mobs. Major corporations like T-Mobile, Oscar Mayer, Sprint  and the American Red Cross are increasingly using flash mobs for their promotional and marketing events. It’s time for you to hire a corporate flash mob today! Give us a call at 270-454-9463 today!