Why You Need a 20’s Theme Party

Having a theme party can put a fun spin on any type of celebration. Big or small, it gives everyone who attends a chance to join in on the fun by dressing up or playing a role. If you're thinking about having a themed party, but aren't sure which theme to choose, we...

Top 5 Tips for Organizing a Flash Mob

Corporate flash mobs are an exciting way to make an impression. Flash mobs dancers for hire are extremely versatile and can be useful for everything from wedding proposals to marketing strategies. If you've decided to use a flash mob for an upcoming event, you might...

The Top 5 Corporate Flash Mobs In History

Flash mobs continue to be a growing trend to entertain the general public, to commemorate a special occasion and even surprise employees at company events. Corporate flash mobs have notoriously used flash mobs as a marketing strategy to connect with consumers,...

Top 3 Birthday Party Ideas

What better excuse to celebrate with friends and family than a birthday?! While some of us welcome the yearly event and others dread it, there is always a way to make it special. Whether it's a milestone year or a number in between, we've scrolled through hundreds of...


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