Corporate flash mobs are an exciting way to make an impression. Flash mobs dancers for hire are extremely versatile and can be useful for everything from wedding proposals to marketing strategies. If you’ve decided to use a flash mob for an upcoming event, you might be wondering where to begin with the planning process. Luckily, we can help! Here are our top five tips for organizing a flash mob. If you are interested in planning a flash mob, call us today at 270-454-9463 today!

Let’s Start Planning Your Flash Mob

Choose a date, time and location

These are all very important logistics, especially when it comes to choosing a venue. Organized flash mobs are meant to be a surprise public display, so you’ll want to be sure the location you choose has high traffic during the time and day you want to perform. Also, many locations require permits for this sort of thing. When you are organizing your flash mob, make sure you check in advance and obtain the necessary permission or permit. It would be a shame to have your mob shut down before you even get started. Or better yet, hire Betties and Belles, we’re equipped and experienced in organizing a flash mob experience

Choose a song and a choreographer

Song choice is a biggie. You want to select something that will get the crowd’s attention. If it’s something they recognize and can move or sing along to, that’s even better. It’s a good idea to make sure music is allowed at the location as well. If you’re handling music on your own, be sure to scope out your power source and the right equipment.

Even if you have experience in choreography, you probably don’t want to handle the dance routine all on your own. Hire someone who has experience and can help with organizing a flash mob. The dance routine has to be awesome to make a great impression. A professional choreographer will be able to put together the perfect routine that can be learned by all of the participants and will fit the space of your venue.

Recruit Your Group

Part of what makes an impressive flash mob is the number of people in the mob. You’ll want a minimum of 50 in your group, so start recruiting your family and friends and then get on the phone to local groups or clubs to see if they’re interested. Advertising online is another effective way to recruit your crew.

Rehearse and then rehearse some more

When organizing a flash mob, make sure to rehearse for the event and your routine is key! This means practicing the routine over and over to make sure everyone knows the dance and is in sync. It also means you communicate exactly how the event will unfold. If possible, have the entire group practice in a space big enough so you can play out the event. Provide clear instructions to all of the participants, including any special details like driving directions or parking information.

Capture and share your performance

After putting in so much work organizing a flash mob, you’ll want to make sure you capture the actual performance. Ask friends to take video of the event, but also consider hiring a professional videographer. You will want to share this occasion with anyone who missed it and have a keepsake to look back on. Or, if it’s part of something bigger, you’ll want to ensure you have the best footage possible to put out on your website and social media platforms.

Organize a Flash Mob That Will Go Viral

Organizing a flash mob can be a huge endeavor, but these five tips will have you on your way to creating a successful and memorable event. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see your flash mob be the next to go viral! Give us a call at 270-454-9463 today!