What We Offer


Betties and Belles is a high-energy, charismatic, beautiful and professional group of current and former professional dancers and promotional models who are sure to take your event to the next level! Our fun, innovative choreography is attention-grabbing and can be customized to fit your specific theme and event. We work with you on music selection to get everything just right, and can provide sound equipment if you need it. From flash mob marriage proposals, surprise wedding performances, corporate parties and concerts to dance team or music video choreography, Betties and Belles can do it all!


Want to plan an AWESOME marriage proposal? Need to spice up your first official dance as a wedded couple? Want to add fun and excitement to your boring convention or meeting? The best way to do so is with a flash mob! Our choreographer has tons of experience coordinating and choreographing performances for your proposal, wedding or business event that you’ll never forget!


Need performers for your company party? We’re here to help! We can accommodate any theme, from the Roaring 20s to Carnival and holiday parties. Our customized choreography, costuming and professional dancers will keep your employees entertained and on their feet all night! Past clients include Eli Lilly, Sprint, PGA, Gelish, Sexy Hair and more!


This is where Betties and Belles really shines! Because most of our dancers come from a professional sports background, we have lots of experience pumping up crowds of thousands of people, entertaining large groups with high-energy routines to the latest and greatest music. Whether you need “cheerleaders” to get your 5k or mini marathon runners warmed up and ready at the welcome ceremony or dancers to perform alongside the DJ or musical act you’ve booked, Betties and Belles can do that! We can also coordinate the entertainment on a much larger scale, for your tournament, concert or festival! Betties and Belles has worked with the Bridgestone Invitational tournament on the PGA tour, Indianapolis Colts, Neon Dash 5k and more!


Are you a coach who needs game day or competition routines for your team? A director or producer who needs choreography for a music video or promotional spot? Or just someone who needs help with dancing for any old reason? Let our professional choreographers come to you and make you the best you can be!