What better excuse to celebrate with friends and family than a birthday?! While some of us welcome the yearly event and others dread it, there is always a way to make it special. Whether it’s a milestone year or a number in between, we’ve scrolled through hundreds of ideas and narrowed it down to three that can’t be beat. Looking for ideas to celebrate a special someone’s birthday? Make it one they’ll never forget with one of these top three birthday party ideas. If you’re interested in a birthday party with a flash mob, or a hired choreographer, call us at 270-454-9463.

Scavenger hunt

Get Gnarly With a Scavenger Hunt

Our first birthday party idea is a Scavenger Hunt. This really is such a flexible and fun way to celebrate. It’s great for all ages because it can be tailored to the likes of a 5 year old or a 50 year old. A typical scavenger hunt involves a list of clues given to participants who must use them to find other clues and ultimately a prize. There are lots of great ideas online and even some apps available for download on your smartphone.

Some of our favorite suggestions include: a photo hunt (where guests have to snap pictures of items, people or places), a favorite things hunt (a list of the birthday person’s favorite things), and a silly stunts hunt (guests have to complete several silly tasks). The winners are the team who completes the entire list first or the most items on the list in the allotted time.

flash mob

Get Flashy with It!

Our second birthday party idea is to hire a flash mob. Grab your family and friends and get your groove on! Or, if you’re not that creative but love the idea, you can actually hire a professional to choreograph for you. It’s the perfect way to surprise the birthday guy or gal when they least expect it. Flash mobs can happen anywhere, so choose a favorite location and gear up for a public presentation to show just how important this birthday is.

We love this idea because it too is flexible and has endless possibilities for fun. From the location to the music, you can make it meaningful. The best part is that anyone can participate. Most likely, it will also be recorded, so the gift will last forever and (if you’re lucky) may even go viral.

game night

Game it Up With Family

Our third and final birthday party idea is a game night. Get nostalgic with childhood favorites or bring something new that nobody has played. Practice your poker face and make it a casino themed party or get physical with a classic game of Twister. Turn your party into a Bingo hall and have guests show up dressed like their grannies and gramps for a laugh.

There are so many ways you can get creative with this and choosing food and drinks that go along with your game choices can be just as fun. Kids and adults are sure to love this birthday party idea.

Celebrate Your Birthday Party, That’s What’s Most Important

No matter which birthday party idea you choose, there are limitless ways to make it a celebration to remember. We hope these top three ideas have inspired you to start planning that special person’s day. If you’re thinking about how to hire a choreographer for a flash mob in Dallas, give us a call at 270-454-9463 today.