Indianapolis Flash Mobs

Interested in Indianapolis Flash Mobs?

Want to plan an AWESOME marriage proposal? Need to spice up your first official dance as a wedded couple? Want to add fun and excitement to your boring convention or meeting? The best way to do so is with an Indianapolis flash mob!

Why a Flash Mob?Flash Mob

Indianapolis flash mobs have quickly become a popular option for surprising loved ones at special events or hundreds (even thousands!) of guests and spectators at meetings, parties or other public gatherings. Flash mobs are also quite successful for promoting new products during a launch or for attracting attention to booths and stages at trade shows. Due to the many viral videos on the internet, flash mobs remain a popular entertainment option for groups both large and small.

Many Locations for Indianapolis Flash Mobs

Indianapolis provides many awesome locations and opportunities for flash mobs, one of the main reasons being that Indianapolis has become the center of major sporting events in the United States. Many large, national conventions and conferences are held here, as Indianapolis boasts one of the largest convention centers in the country. Indianapolis is also home to two professional sports organizations – the Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts, as well as minor league baseball team the Indianapolis Indians and the Indy Eleven soccer team. Huge performances to surprise sports fans, party goers and meeting attendees are always a hit! On a smaller scale, if you choose Indianapolis as your destination to propose marriage or surprise someone on a birthday or anniversary, there are many picturesque locations (both indoor and outdoor) to choose from for a flash mob. From Monument Circle downtown to parks and trails along the Monon, we can find a beautiful setting for your flash mob surprise!

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How an Indianapolis Flash Mob Sets You Apart!

Imagine your assembled crowd waiting in Indianapolis for a meeting to start, a toast to end or the dance floor to open up. All of a sudden, an energetic, fun song starts up and one- by-one dancers appear out of nowhere and begin performing a coordinated flash mob dance routine for a thrilling surprise your guests aren’t sure to forget! Our Indianapolis flash mob dancers can perform any style of dance to fit the theme of your event (1920s, Latin, Bollywood, hip hop and jazz just to name a few) and can also be dressed to blend in with your wait staff, or just as innocent bystanders before breaking out into dance! We can coordinate props, signage and party favors into the routine to promote your business and add a little extra fun for your guests.

Why Flash Mobs Are Unique

If you want to create a moment your significant other will never forget and rave about for years to come, hire Betties and Belles to coordinate a super awesome flash mob marriage proposal! We have choreographed TONS of these and have many happy, satisfied couples with a great story to tell. Betties and Belles will customize your proposal just as you want it. We edit together the songs that are special to you (or we can help you choose the music), and incorporate any ideas you envision to make your proposal just right. You can even choose to join in the Indianapolis flash mob, or have family members and friends jump in. We’ll send you flash mob training videos with short, simple choreography to give you plenty of time learn your steps and add another layer of surprise for your partner! We’ve also incorporated fun props like signs saying “Will you marry me?”, confetti, banners and flowers to add an extra surprise for your sweetheart.

Indianapolis Flash Mobs Offers Themed Performances

If you’ve already said “I do” and are looking for a special way to surprise your partner and/or guests with a performance at your wedding, Betties and Belles can help there too! Indianapolis flash mobs or specialty themed performances are exactly what your crowd needs to get pumped up before heading out onto the dance floor! We can also put together an awesome routine for the couple’s first dance or the ever popular groomsmen or bridesmaids’ routines to take your wedding reception to the next level. Betties and Belles has even put together surprise routines for brides-to-be at bridal showers! Our choreographer has tons of experience coordinating and choreographing performances for your marriage proposal or wedding that you’ll never forget!

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If you are interested in learning more about flash mobs for your event in Indianapolis, we would love to chat with you! Please contact Betties and Belles for more information and rates via email at or by phone at 270-454-9463. We hope we can work together to make your surprise one they will never forget!