On occasion, Betties and Belles gets to be a very special part of what could potentially be the biggest day of someone’s life, whether that be through a wedding performance, milestone birthday celebration or more often than not, a marriage proposal! Surprise flash mobs have become a very popular way to propose in public settings and we LOVE to do these! What better way to ask your significant other to marry you then through a surprise dance including his or her favorite songs, favorite setting, awesome props (and maybe even a cameo performance from YOU!).

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Daniel who wanted to propose to his girlfriend with a flash mob in Chicago at Navy Pier (a wonderful setting). It was a beautiful day and the proposal took place just inside the Family Pavilion, where lots of people were spending their Saturday enjoying the city. Daniel arranged for his girlfriend to be there with her friend when the performance started. We opened with MKTO’s Classic and then went into Marry You by Bruno Mars. Staying hidden the whole time, Daniel made his way to the very back of the line of dancers toward the end of the song. As the dancers peeled off one by one, Daniel was revealed walking toward his girlfriend before getting down on one knee and proposing. She said yes of course, and the couple is now happily planning their wedding. We had a blast planning and performing this for Daniel and wish the couple the absolute best and many wonderful years to come!

Check out Daniel’s flash mob marriage proposal at Navy Pier in the video below!