Throwback Thursday! On October 10th, 2015 Betties and Belles had the pleasure of performing alongside DJ Ravi Drums at an EPIC wedding reception in Chicago! In addition to the amazing entertainment (including two live bands and salsa dancers) the event was nothing short of a spectacle and included Cirque du Soleil-inspired elements, such as a pianist playing while suspended from the ceiling, appetizer trays suspended from hot air balloons, wine bikes, stilt walkers and more! But the highlight of the night was DJ Ravi Drums, who opened up the dance floor with his high-energy open format and EDM music all while playing the drums along with the tunes. He has performed with major artists Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Will I Am and Pitbull and has performed for the Oscars, Oprah, Nike, HBO and much more! Our Betties and Belles dancers performed with Ravi Drums 4 times throughout the evening to an eclectic mix of songs, getting the crowd on their feet and ready to dance! It was a great experience to perform with such a unique artist and we wish Ravi Drums the best!